Advice for Virgins booking an escort

If your still a virgin, then read this great advice!

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virgins booking an escort

Most of us have watched the film ’40 year old virgin’ . It is a comedy outlining the problems a man in his 40’s has when admitting that he still has his ‘V’ plates. We all probably watched, laughed, then cringed with embarrassment at certain parts of the film.

However, for some men out there, this is a real problem. For whatever reason, they reach a certain age in adulthood still never having experienced the soft, warm touch of a woman. It might have been due to illness, physical disabilities, or just good old fashioned shyness. Of course, there is nothing stopping him from going out and picking up the first drunk girl he sees, then taking her back to his place, right? Wrong! That would be taking advantage of somebody and we all know deep down that that is not the right path to choose. Anyway, how would a drunken fumble in the dark help to improve the skills needed to truly show a woman a good time?

The easiest way to get around this situation is to find a professional. By this, I do not mean finding the first sex therapist that you come across. I refer to booking the services of an escort. She has spent many hours in the company of men with varying experiences. She is the best person when it comes to understanding your concerns. A Birmingham escort is an expert. She will go at the pace that suits you. She will also show you some tricks to be able to hold back from arriving at that critical moment if you so desire.

Another good thing about booking an escort to help you learn about sex is that she will help you to build confidence in your own abilities. It might sound like a silly thing to think about. But, the trick about performing so that you and your sexual partner enjoy yourselves is not a trick at all. It all boils down to self assurance. If you give off the impression that you know what you are doing then you are already half way there.

Experience is not needed!

If you have little experience with women. You should spend time with a girlfriend experience escort. You do not have to book an escort exclusively for sex. She can teach you things like flirting techniques too.

Another piece of good advice for those who wish to lose their ‘v’ plates with an escort. Is to not make a rash choice when picking the escort based on desperation to get laid. Having sex with just anybody is not going to work. You need to be attracted to the girl who is about to welcome you to the world of intense pleasure. Take your time when deciding on which escort you want to book.

Finally, everybody’s first time is nothing to write home about. If your friends have said otherwise, then they are bigging up a disappointing experience that they had. However, once the first time is out of the way, take my word for it…it only gets better!

One last word from the xxx escort agency…enjoy yourself and relax!