Clients experiences with our escorts

Some clients of xxx escorts recall their experiences to share with you.

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client experiences with escorts

We asked some of our clients to recount some of their experiences with an escort. Please note, that all of these accounts are for our Birmingham escorts. Others are from experiences with our girls they have met in other parts of the West-Midlands.

Please note that our clients have requested anonymity, so we have only published their age and where they are from.

  • My wife and I have always been adventurous. We enjoy many sexual deviances together. However, one thing we had never tried was bringing another person into our bed. We had talked about it a few times. Some of those fantasies and stories were drawn on at times when we were intimate. We decided to treat ourselves to a dirty weekend away in Birmingham. Where we could be free to explore our sexual fantasies even more. My wife chose the escort. It was only a one-off, but it was an experience that we will never forget. It reached our expectations and even more so. I cannot explain how incredibly horny it was to see my wife go down on another woman. 43, Walsall. 
  • I was 23 when I booked my first escort, when I say escort, I mean sex worker really. She was a girl whose number I found somewhere. I was still a virgin and she was my first sexual experience. I was embarrassed because I couldn’t get a girlfriend. I am a bit of geek and I used to be spotty. Girls didn’t want to kiss somebody who wasn’t like the boys in pop bands. It wasn’t ideal, because I had to pay to lose my virginity, but at least I had finally got laid. It wasn’t the best experience. This led me to hook up with a girl from an agency. Since then I have been meeting up with an escort regularly. In a kind of girlfriend set up. 25, Perry Barr.
  • My girlfriend only likes it vanilla. And she doesn’t really like oral. So, out of frustration I booked an escort. I visited her in her clean flat in Birmingham city centre. Let’s just say that she was a no holes barred escort, total opposite to my girlfriend! It was amazing! I might book her again actually. The sensation was like nothing I have with my girlfriend. 32, Birmingham.
  • Ok. I have been booking the same escort for the past couple of years. I am in Birmingham every couple of months for business. I find myself lonely in the hotel room alone. The type of relationship we have is one of ease. We talk, chat and from time to time we have great intimate moments together. Once, she was performing oral sex when her lip piercing got caught in my pubic hair. It was a very uncomfortable situation to say the least. Since then, I am nicely trimmed, and she removes her ‘jewellery’. 51, Stafford.
  • Me and my girlfriend broke up about 2 years ago. It left me in mess and I couldn’t move on. I moved to Birmingham last year for work and didn’t know many people. On New Year’s Eve, I just didn’t want to be alone. I phoned up an escort agency. I arranged to spend the night with an escort. We just sat, chatted, had a few drinks and I made her dinner. It was the best decision I have made. I meet her once a month. We talk and she gives me advice. I have even now started to feel like I am ready to look for a new girlfriend. 37, Birmingham.