What offering escort services really involves

Do you know what being an escort really is?

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What offering escort services really involves

There is a common fallacy that being an escort means that you can earn hundreds of pounds just to keep somebody company and go out for a meal. If you are looking for quick money you need to do your research. No matter how good your conversation skills are, you need to remember that you will almost always be called upon to perform intimate acts with your clients.

There are so many sites that offer women looking for easy money the chance to become an escort. Yet, a lot of those have their main intention as ripping off as many girls as they possibly can. They know that a lot of women looking to be an escort are in need of money, so they take advantage of that fact. They will offer you the opportunity to earn mega bucks overnight. How can you tell it is a scam? What are the warning signs that you should pay attention to? How do you know that the website is a true agency. There are some sites that are fake, the agency does not exist and the sole purpose of its existence is to take as much money from wannabe escorts as possible without ever intending to offer them work.

Here are some of the early warning signs to be aware of when checking out escort agencies.

Never pay upfront fees

The most obvious thing to be aware of is having to pay an upfront fee. NEVER pay an agency any kind of retainer or registration fee. The escort agencies that request any kind of upfront fee should not be trusted. If they are a reputable agency, you will be expected to pay them a commission for the work you get through them. An agency worth their ilk will not want any money until you are working. Also, be aware of their phone number. Only ever all an agency with a local phone number, if they have a premium rate number as the agency contact number, steer clear! You will be paying the agency from the very first second your call connects to them. A reputable agency will not have this type of phone number.

Do your research!

When you are looking for an escort agency. Do not just be satisfied to click any of the agency sites. Do your research. Have a look on the different punting directories. The best agencies are the ones who spend time marketing their product. A well established agency can be found in many of these directories. Their website will be free to view. It may have a VIP area for their regular clients. However, there will be no need to pay to enter the site. You will have access to the entire site for free, if you have to login and provide your private details to view the site, then the odds are that this website is not legit. If you are looking to work as an escort…avoid sites like these like the plague.
From time to time, we have girls applying to work at our agency who have been scammed before. They did not do their research and ended up losing a lot of money without making 1 single penny. They ask us if there is any way we can help them to get their money back. Unfortunately, once you have fallen for the scam there is nothing you can do to get your money back. The only thing you can do is to report them to the fraud squad. It is a shame that due to embarrassment, a lot of women do not report a fake agency. They just take the hit and move on. If every person who is ripped off does this, imagine how much money those agencies are making on a daily basis.

Be aware of lies

If you are looking to move into the escorting business, remember: if you are told you can work with having sex, move on from that agency. You are going to be expected to provide sexual services to your clients. Some of them really do just want company, however, the majority will expect to be satisfied. There is no such thing as a free dinner.
When you find the right agency, you will have a great time. Respectable agencies always look after their escorts. Which, in turn, will enable you to work hard and earn a decent income.